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PresidentDear Lighting Professional,

My name is Tom Ciurczak and I am the CEO and President of Green Energy Lighting Corp. (formerly PEC). For almost 30 years I have been involved in many exciting and ground breaking markets in the lighting industry. In 1980 as a young salesman with Osram I helped with the initial introduction of the compact fluorescent lamp into the US market. When the Semiconductor manufacturing boom hit the US in the late 80fs, I oversaw Ushiofs emergence as an industry leader in short arc discharge lamps for photolithography. This success led to Ushiofs recognition as the quality brand for other specialty applications such as Audio Visual and Stage Lighting.

During my three decades in the industry I have worked with many quality lighting manufacturers around the world. I have seen many new and innovative products that fit the US market demand for superior lighting technology. Our goal at Green Energy Lighting is to bring high quality, new and innovative lighting products from around the world into the US Market. We are committed to the sales of gEco friendlyh and energy saving lighting products.

Green Energy carries our own brand of CFL. Our new amalgam CFL lamp types contain less than 1mg of mercury, while most CFLfs have as much as 5 mg. Itfs just one example on how Green Energy is not only committed to energy savings, but smart geco friendlyh energy savings as well.

Why donft you call us and find out more about Green Energy Lighting! We will do our best to meet or exceed your expectations for quality, price and on time delivery.


Tom Ciurczak